Startup 365

What is StartUp 365

StartUp 365 is not a real news report and all the people appearing in the video are actors, including anchorman Cooper Washington. The videos and the site were created as part of the marketing campaign meant to promote Ultimate4Trading.

StartUp 365 is not a scam, it’s simply a promotional video. This is a common means of publicity and is meant to transmit a feeling of seriousness and professionalism to the product being offered. Although in the case of the StartUp 365 one could argue that the level of production is low, the bottom line is: should you invest in Ultimate4Trading, the product being offered?

What is Ultimate4Trading?

Ultimate4Trading is an automated trading system promoted by the Startup 365 video. This software is used for trading binary options, it is free of charge and does not require downloads. Ultimate4Trading uses algorithms to calculate the result of trades and then informs the user what the predictions are. The software offers a high level of accuracy, which is able to help you earn money online even if you have no prior experience with trading. StartUp 365 is correct in recommending that you open your account with Ultimate4Trading, a legitimate and reliable investment tool. Start profiting now, minutes after making your first deposit.

Is the information on StartUp 365 True?

Partially, not all the information is accurate, and this is also very common. Maroon5 have a famous video where they play at weddings, but not all weddings are real. Famous basketball players have videos where they are disguised as old men playing basketball, and that is also not a real situation.

Likewise, Ultimate4Trading did not win any startup awards. In fact, it is not a startup, it’s a trading robot, which is a fairly common trading tool. What should interest you is the quality of the system and whether it has been praised or seems to bring good results. That is, bottom line, what should interest you as an investor. Binary options are hard to predict and having a free algorithmic software to help you achieve better accuracy ratings is a significant advantage and one to which you should not hesitate to sign up. In that sense, the StartUp gimmick is actually helpful, pushing users to do some research and make the best choice for their finances.

Who is Cooper Washington?

Cooper Washington is an invented name used by the StartUp 365 video as the name of the actor playing the part of the anchorman. All the names used in the video, as well as the people, are not real and are not portraying real life individuals. The Ultimate4Trading system was not developed by the young couple shown in the StartUp 365 newsroom. It was developed probably by software companies working on behalf of binary options brokers. At the end of the day, it is these brokers who have to pay for the product, so that you may enjoy it for free.

The Ultimate4Trading software is available through StockPair, considered the most reliable, and largest, binary broker in the UK and Australian markets. StockPair are responsible for sponsoring the development of this robot, and in return, can exclusively offer it to its clients. This financial corporation will not only allow you to use the robot for free, but also give you a cash bonus when you open your account, as well as other benefits.

The StartUp365 video does not mention the relationship between robot and brokers, although this is an important factor in diminishing risks and improving your experience as a trader.

Regulation and Safety

StartUp365 does mention the characteristics of Ultimate4Trading but fails to touch on two very important matters:

  1. The risks of trading in binary options
  2. The importance of trading through a regulated broker

Binary options are very easy to use and understand. They simply require choosing a stock, commodity, index or currency from the trading platform, deciding what value to invest, and predicting if the chosen asset will increase or decrease in price within the expiry of the option.

Although performing a trade is easy, making correct predictions at a pace that ensures profits and income is difficult. The volatility and speculative nature of binary options transform this financial derivatives into a high-risk investment. Therefore, the automated robot Ultimate4Trading and the algorithm developed for its use could be fundamental for the success of your account, as pointed out in StartUp 365. That is also why you should opt for this software, the most precise program in the market.

Another factor that increases risks is opening an account with an unreliable broker. Sadly, scams and fraud are a part of the internet in general and binary options in particular. Not all sites offering this services are regulated by financial authorities. Yet StockPair, the broker through which you will open your Ultimate4Trading account, is fully licensed.

A regulated broker ensures that your investment and money is safe and available to you at all times. These companies must abide by strict rules enforced by the financial authority and therefore you can trade without worries.

StartUP 365 Site

The site associated with StartUp 365 follows the same logic of the video, in trying to provide a “news site” feeling and promote Ultimate4Trading as the winner of some annual startup award, which obviously does not exist.

It would have been preferable if the advertising company in charge of the publicity campaign had added a footnote clarifying that the StartUp 365 site was not a news blog of any type but simply a promotional stunt. The fact this wasn’t done does not change the ratings of Ultimate4Trading, which remains a high-performing robot, certainly more powerful than its competition in the use of algorithms capable of predicting the outcome of trades regularly.

StartUp 365 Conclusion

  • StartUp 365, both site and video are only part of a publicity campaign
  • There is no such show on TV or YouTube, and there is no award distributed to the top startup
  • Cooper Washington is a character played by an actor as part of the advertising of Ultimate4Trading through the StartUp 365 concept
  • Nonetheless, this binary options robot can be helpful and increase your profits, provided you choose allow this reliable and accurate software to operate the transactions
  • Offered free of charge and available only through regulated broker StockPair, Ultimate4Trading can transform a 250 euro investment into several thousands more within a few weeks
  • You should open your account today, directly from the robot interface, and start trading within minutes of making your first deposit
  • StartUp 365 is an interesting way to promote the product, although a bit more transparency would have been advisable