Ultimate4Trading Security

Why is Ultimate4Trading Safe?

Safety and the security of your money is the number one concern for the Ultimate4Trading developers. It is not easy to market a system that promises you big profits, without causing some doubts and fraud alerts. Therefore Ultimate4Trading has made all the adjustment needed to guarantee your trust in the product and the security of your investment.

When you open your account, the deposit will always be managed and kept under supervision by a regulated binary options broker. This broker is obligated by European financial legislation to abide to a number of rules, all of which were designed to protect your profits and guarantee you can receive your rewards promptly.

Is Ultimate4Trading Regulated?

A regulated financial corporation has certain characteristics:

  • It manages people’s money
  • It operates accounts with money
  • It sometimes invests this money, or allows the account holder to invest the money from the account

None of the above apply to Ultimate4Trading, which is a software, not a financial firm. The account you open is not under control of Ultimate4Trading, because this is simply a product, a program that can be used when trading options online.

To execute trades, use the software and earn, you need to open an account with a binary options broker, receive from the broker access to its trading platform, and there, either execute your own trades or use the Ultimate4Trading interface, which can then operate the trading platform automatically.

Reliable Partners

It does not matter to which broker Ultimate4Trading redirects you when opening the account: all its partners are regulated. The meaning of this status is that the companies underwent a process of requesting a license from your local financial authorities. For example, the CySEC is the authority that regulates binary options trading in Europe. If the broker has a CySEC stamp, it is a sign that the regulation process is completed.

To be licensed, the company has to have transparency and also proof of solvency. In other words, it must transfer a very large amount of money to the financial authority. This money is a guarantee that the money of all clients is safe. If for any reason the broker runs into trouble, that money will bail all clients out and make sure they all receive the full balance of their account.

Of course, such problems rarely, if ever, happen. It is very uncommon for such serious corporations, which are run professionally, to fall into serious financial duress. Nonetheless, Ultimate4Trading wanted to ensure that in any case, your money is safe.

Monthly Recommended Broker

An example of the partners with which Ultimate4Trading associate is this month’s recommended broker: market leader StockPair.

This experienced and reputable binary options broker is the most respected online financial firm throughout Europe. It’s logo, sponsorship and commitment can be seen and felt on the top financial news sites as a leading investments company involved in the communities it supports. Such trust gives you a notion of the type of associates Ultimate4Trading have chosen.

StockPair also offers many other promotions and benefits, besides free use of Ultimate4Trading to all its clients. Among other tools and rewards, you receive:

  1. Trading Video Library
  2. Free downloadable trading ebook
  3. Professional investment advice
  4. Cash bonuses when opening the account
  5. Modern mobile apps for trading with ease

After completing the signup for Ultimate4Trading, contact your account manager to learn more about the advantages you could get and how to receive them.